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The zipper this small mechanism in our garment

The zipper this small mechanism in our garment

The zipper is a trimming that contains an effective mechanism to close or open pieces of fabric. Is a mechanism not a piece and contains a set of three elements.

Let’s see what elements make up this mechanism called a zipper.

First of all we have the elements. The elements are the pieces set on the tape and organized in two parallel lines fit together. Through the movement of the slider the teeth fit or separate each other. The teeth can be composed of three different materials. These materials determine the characteristics of the zipper in such a way that the zippers are differentiated by metal zipper, spiral zipper and injected zipper.

the zipper elements

Next element to take into account is the slider. This is the mechanism that operates the closure or opening of the zipper. It has the function of joining or separating the elements when opening or closing it. Here you can see different types of slider.

the zipper slider

And last, the tape. It is made in polyester, cotton or synthetic fiber. Normally in a twill weave. The tape is the element in which the teeth are set and which allows to sew the zipper to the fabric.

the zipper components

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