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Companies Directory
Confección, Control de calidad, Control de producción, Costura, Desarrollo de modelo, Developing style, Ficha técnica, Fitting, Inspección, Maquinaria de confección, notepad, Operaciones de costura, Patronaje, Planificacion, Producción, Production, Sewing add comment

Companies Directory

New Companies Directory Companies Directory to provide service for fashion Professionals There are many who contact Seampedia to find out where you can find such a type of supplier or another. It’s not always easy to contact the person or company you’re looking for. It’s not always easy to find a workshop to make your…

Seam Finishes
Confección, Control de calidad, Costura, Desarrollo de modelo, Developing style, Ficha técnica, notepad, Patronaje, Producción, Production, Quality control, Sewing, Technical sheet add comment

Seam Finishes

Types of Seam Finishes Autor Belu Chi Do you know what finishes you can apply to a seam allowance and when to use them? Although seam finishes are usually  hidden away inside the garment, a poor choice in finish could affect your design and the cost of the garment.   The main functions of a…

Sublimation printing
Control de calidad, Desarrollo de modelo, Developing style, Ficha técnica, notepad, Producción, Quality control 2 comments

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing Sublimation printing is a type of printing in which the design is transferred to the fabric by sublimation of the pigment. Sublimation is a term in physics that means “pass directly from the solid state to that vapor.” To make matter pass from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing through the…

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