Digital dyeing system for the sewing thread

Digital dyeing system for the sewing thread

Digital dyeing system for the sewing thread

A digital dyeing system for the sewing thread. This was one of the newness that caught my attention in the last ITMA. This digital thread dyeing system for sewing thread is developed by Twine Solutions Twine. The solution is simple but very practical; It is a system to dye on demand the sewing thread in the garment factory itself, similar to the idea of the office printer we know, which can print various paper formats.

The digital dyeing system for sewing thread allows you to dye the thread in the colour that is required, and in the amount necessary for the sewing production or sample making. No need to order it from third parties, manage a large yarn stock, and it is a clean process.


¿How does it work?


Digital dyeing system for the sewing thread

The dying process is very simple.

      1. First you select the required colour. Then choose the colour parameters in the system interface. The system’s software itself makes the necessary adjustments to prepare the 4 inks, CMYK it has to obtain for the required colour.
      2. Select the length of thread you wish to dye.
      3. The raw/white yarn is automatically inserted into the system to be subjected to the dyeing process.
      4. The dyeing process is carried out by TDI inks. These are Twine developed inks prepared specifically for digital dyeing of the sewing thread. The dyeing process comprises three steps: dyeing, drying and lubrication.
      5. Once the thread has been dyed, it is collected in another spool, preparing it for use in the workshop.



Twine has developed other software that is completed with the system. SnapMatch an App for colour identification.

How does SnapMatch work?

      1. Place a specific Twine colour chart over the colour you want to identify.
      2. Capture an image with the mobile.
      3. The results of the colour composition will be automatically displayed on your mobile.


Digital dyeing system for the sewing thread


Who has not had to deal with the definition of colour in the company? How many times have we spent time and effort to identify a colour?


What advantages does the digital dyeing system provide for sewing thread?

What advantages does the digital printer for sewing thread allow dyeing the thread in the garment factory itself?


Tintura digital para hilo de coser, ahorro de tiempo Flexibility and time reduction

Do not depend on a supplier to have the thread in the required colour. This reduces the time in which the thread can be available, providing a quick order response.



Tintur hilo de coser ok color Have the exact colour available

The CMYK colour model is used in graphic art printing because it allows you to reproduce a wide variety of colours, 16 million colours.



Tintura digital para hilo de coser menos vondumo de hilo Dye just the thread amount you need

By being able to program the thread amount to be dyed, you can have the exact amount is needed. The dyeing system allows you dye multiple colours in a row in a single bobbin.



menos stock Simplify the thread stock

With this technology, you only need to have white or raw thread in stock. This helps to avoid loss of thread consumption.



mas euros Cost reduction

By not having to order the thread you can save on logistics costs. In addition to the savings that is given by the reduction of losses.



sostenible Sustainable solution

The inks used do not require the use of water. In the process, just the required amount of ink for the dye process is used. No waste of ink due the printer is ready to pick up excess ink and be reused. Reduce waste of thread by dyeing only what you need.




The reduction time response demanded by brands is a reality that requires new solutions. The digital dyeing system for sewing thread is one of them. It is a simple solution by Twin, as per the proposal and per the management of the tool, but brings an important benefit to the company. Anyone who has had to manage the stock of threads in a workshop, knows to what extent such a solution can be important.


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